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Welcome to rock_macros! Simply put, this is the place for you to post all your wonderful rock related macro creations.

However, as with most communities there are a few rules you should adhere to. Failure to comply will result in a warning the first time, and a ban the second. The rules are pretty simple to follow, and I'm a pretty understanding person. I get that people mess up (I do it all the time). If I ban you, I'll have a good reason.

If you're looking for something that has already been posted, search the tags.

Community Rules:
1. All posts must contain a macro or be related to macros.
2. LJ-cuts are required for large images (anything more than 700px wide is considered large).
3. Plain photos requesting captions must be behind an LJ-cut. Plain photos not requesting a caption will be deleted.
4. Macros of things that are not related to classic rock will be deleted. 80's stuff is okay, as well as folk-rock and things of that nature. Fall Out Boy is not classic rock, people.
5. Posts cannot have their comments screened or disabled.
6. Tag your posts with the band/artist you're posting a macro of. Seriously, do it. It saves people time if they're looking for a specific macro.
7. Be nice.
8. Promoting other communities is okay, just keep it behind an LJ-cut.
9. Videos are okay, as long as they are relevant and behind a cut.
10. Other relevant things are okay, just use good judgement when posting, please!
11. Anything explicit or not safe for work should be put behind a cut. I'm trusting you all to use good judgement with this, please.
12. Have fun!

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